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Our company’s mission is to help girls to live like any other person enjoying her rights as a girl and treated right. iCut will help them escape these dangerous practices claimed to be culture and help the girls live like any other person. We plan to strengthen our weaknesses and work with the society to stop the culture and reach out to every girl around the world

Helping Today

We’re Helping Girls and Women Around the world

Helping Them Today


VISION A world where women and girls are empowered and free from all forms of gender-based violence, in particular female genital mutilation, where their voices are heard, where they can enjoy their rights and make informed choices about their lives.

Uncut Gems Anti-FGM Foundation is a non-profit organization to help fight against FGM 


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Join us in this quest. Help us give these girls and women a better shot at life by preventing these practices and giving them education.

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